Welcome, Bewearcy helps to clean out your closet, Look Fresh and be Sustainable.


Curated Closet. New Season Style. Cleaner Planet.

Our core belief and mission is circular fashion. We are committed to extending the life of pre-loved goods by introducing them into the secondhand market as this is essential to encourage and ensure sustainable practices.

Look Fresh. Be Sustainable.


Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.

At Bewearcy, our aim is to change the approach to buying, wearing and selling clothing by empowering our customers, as well as brands, to practise more sustainable behaviours.

We are confident that our daily collective and conscious efforts are contributing positively to the environment, leaving the planet a better place for generations to come.

A Journey of thousand miles Begins with a Single Step.


We can take action, become advocates and make lifestyle choices which are kinder to the planet

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Essentially, Bewearcy allows shoppers to trade in their favourite clothing for up to 50% off shopping credits on new items (varies by brand) from affiliated brand partners


Bewearcy was founded with a strong belief in sustainability to help brands become part of the circular economy and increase customers loyalty by providing a shopping credit in exchange for pre-loved garments.


Hugo is now a part of the platform’s roster of brands. Since its inception in 2020, the platform has attracted interest from various luxury brands, with its circular fashion model proving increasingly popular.